ClockZone E5


The craftsmanship for the solid oak Pool Table provides a smooth playing experience

From the solid metal brackets, positioned at each corner of the Pool Table…
To the hand-crafted smooth wooden pockets…
While gliding over the perfect green filt base…
Each Pool Table game becomes a work of art.

Standard Table

Similar to the Egyptian Pyramids, each pool game starts with a pyramid of balls

It is up to the Pool Table warrior to break the control of the wooden pyramid, releasing the energy within.
The motion of time is released by the Pool Table warrior, allowing the balls to roll to their destinies.

Pyramid of Balls

As the Pool Table warrior skills become precise, they advance to the plush royal red

The royal red Pool Table provides a luxury which is a step beyond their reality.
Built from a darker rich Macassar Ebony wood…
Surrounded by a solid firm silver rim…
The royal red table deserves honor and respect; which only a prestige warrior can provide.

Royal Red

The most important tool in the Pool Table warrior’s quest to winning, is the chosen warrior stick

Warrior’s Stick

The proper warrior’s stick can be used to control the large rounded white cue-ball.
Depending on the warrior’s stick strikes, the white cue-ball will dance around the play-field with delight.
Knocking down the balls of motion, and entrapping them into their pocket destinies.


Every now and then, the Pool Table warrior likes to challenge the realms of computer AI

The challenge emerges from the virtual universe as the AI Guy.
Sitting 5’9″ tall, the AI Guy might look unmenacing, but his command of the stick is unmatched.
The AI Guy is capable of dramatic knick-shots – the ability to drop a ball at angles not easily reached.
And the AI Guy likes to vary his hitting styles while commanding the warrior stick, showing off different range of motions and power.
But the AI Guy also can be reduced to a tamed melow challenge using easy-mode.

The AI Guy

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