ClockZone E4


The Grandfather Clock is like a stern tree sitting in time

Created from solid red oak wood, hand-painted from the wizards of the forest, the Grandfather Clock is here to stay.
At this time of the year, let’s celebrate the Grandfather Clock’s existence.


Clock Top

The masculinity of the tall Grandfather Clock cannot be ignored

But, the forest wizards decided to paint the Grandfather Clock’s face using gold paint.
The forest wizards claimed to paint the face for many decades to achieve the details the Grandfather Clock expected.
If you look close enough you’ll notice the forest wizards like to track the moon cycles.



The Grandfather Clock loves to read books to pass the time away

The Grandfather Clock keeps a secret old red book of recipes.
The wizards of the forest use these time-old recipes to achieve greatness.
If you look hard enough around the Grandfather clock, one might find this family heirloom.


The height of the Grandfather Clock includes unusual advantages

The Grandfather Clock can see for many miles over the lands of the wizards.
Using the Grandfather Clock’s magic search glass, one can locate a lost recipe with ease.

Search Recipes

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