ClockZone E3


Cuckoo’s Clock

The Cuckoo might have time backwards — maybe use this for the Countdowns

The Cuckoo is not your ordinary bird. This bird is smart enough to remind you when the clothes in the dryer are done!
The Cuckoo also likes to stick his head out every few minutes during a countdown or stopwatch event.

Synchronize Weights

The Cuckoo likes to chime in during the quarter hour

The Cuckoo clock uses a special system of synchronize weights to track time.
The Cuckoo clock moves the left and right weights up and down throughout its time cycles.
The left Pendulum wood weight is used to tell the Cuckoo to chirp and dance every hour.
While the right Pendulum wood weight is used to tell the Cuckoo to hit the quarter hour chimes.


Cuckoo Triggers

The Cuckoo plays two different nature alarms

  • The default nature alarm plays the Nightingale Cuckoo Goldfinch chirping along with other bird sounds.
  • And the alternative nature alarm plays a single Cuckoo chirping in the the forest during morning hours.

Create and Search Reminders Fast

The Cuckoo connects to the iPhone iOS internal Reminders database.
Create and Search Reminders quickly using the internal tagging system.
Reminders can be located using any searchable tag from the original Reminder.


Day Hours

The Cuckoo sings day and night

The Cuckoo’s house is not always bright and shiny. It does get dark around here at times.
But the Cuckoo doesn’t mind at all! The bird just turns on the porch lights and continues his job of tracking time.

Night Hours

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