ClockZone E1


It’s not just about the second hand

The Chrome Stopwatch contains two smaller mini-clocks.
The top mini-clock is used to track the minutes.
The bottom mini-clock is used to track the hours.


Start/Stop Operations

Start and Stop operations with ease using the Top Chrome button

The timers in the Chrome Stopwatch is controlled using the three default buttons located at top of application.
Also, the timers can be directly controlled using the Chrome buttons on the Stopwatch.
For example the Top Chrome button automatically changes between the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ states.


Cappuccino Maker

Store Countdowns using Home Icons

Wash clothes every week – use the Washer icon for 34 minutes.
Bake bread once a week for Sunday brunch – use the Mixer icon for 16 minutes.


Create and Search Reminders Fast

The Chrome Stopwatch connects to the iPhone iOS internal Reminders database.
Create and Search Reminders quickly using the internal tagging system.
Reminders can be located using any searchable tag from the original Reminder.


List of Reminders

The Chrome Stopwatch contains two additional modes to use for timing tasks

Stopwatch-Mode is used to track long running operations.
Countdown-Mode is used for common events, like tracking breaks at work.

Change Modes

Reset Operations

For direct control, use the Chrome buttons located on either side of the Stopwatch

The Chrome Stopwatch’s right button is used to change modes.
And the Chrome Stopwatch’s left button is used to reset timers.

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